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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  October 3, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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cdc to say look, we have someone displaying symptoms that look like ebola. now, there's been a very, veryin finish tess mal percentage that have turned out to be ebola. and what they're doing today represents a measure of well-warranted caution. of all the patients seen here daily, there's only one that has generated such concern. the hospital identifies the patient only as someone who has recently traveled to nigeria and has displayed symptoms that look like ebola symptoms. a written statement from the hospital says in part, an abundance of caution, we have activated the appropriate infection control protocols, including isolating the patient. early on, this is not much more than that officially. but anecdotally, a lot of concern. >> this is actually something that shouldn't be taken lightly. >> reporter: still others say, while they are comforted that the proper steps are being taken to protect the public, should the patient be found to even have ebola, they're more worried they found out literally from
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word on the street. >> i'm walking up georgia avenue, there may be an ebola case in my hospital. i appreciate that. >> reporter: howard university hospital also says the hospital is working with the centers for disease control and prevention, and the d.c. department of health. at best, what they can do at this stage is monitor the patient. at best, what those who live or regularly visit the campus can do is be vigilant. >> i think it's very important to any faculty of the university to take the right precautions to protect themselves and be knowledgeable about the situation going on today. >> reporter: and the d.c. department of health tells us they are indeed aware of this. they are monitoring this, and as we have been stressing, there is nothing wrong with stressing this again, there has been no confirmed case of the ebola virus in the district of columb columbia. derrick ward, news4. back to you. the parents of a freelance photographer working for nbc news who tested positive for ebola say their son is in good
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spirits. ashoka mukpo was working with dr. nancy snyderman in liberia. right now he is only showing mild symptoms. but his parents told tamron hall on the "today" show this morning that they are anxious to have him back in the u.s. >> he's been filming what's happening in liberia for two weeks, and seeing the death and tragedy. and now it's really hit home for him. but his spirits are better today. he knows he's going to come home. he knows he has a couple more days. >> reporter: mukpo will be brought back to the u.s. sunday for treatment. the entire nbc news team he was working with is also on its way home and will be quarantined for 21 days as a precaution. specialized hazmat crews are cleaning up the apartment where an obowl patient stayed in dallas, texas, before he was hospitalized. the crew spent three hours at thom at thomas duncan's apartment to be taken to a skier secure
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location. experts say there isn't anything dangerous in the apartment but this is being done as a precaution. however, some of duncan's family were quarantined in that apartment by the state for several days. west africa remains the hot spot for ebola with three countries seen active cases. right now, that includes guinea and much of sierra leone and liberia. since the outbreak, the cdc estimates more than 3,300 people have died in those three countries. hospitals around the country are on alert, keeping a close eye on possible cases. doreen gentzler is here with more on what key symptoms doctors are looking for. doreen? >> reporter: hi, pat. the centers for disease control has specific guidelines for doctors and medical facilities all over the country in identifying possible ebola cases. that means anyone with these symptoms will get some extra scrutiny. take a look. according to the cdc, a patient with a probable case would have a fever higher than 101.5.
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severe headache. muscle pain. vomiting. diarrhea. stomach pain and sometimes unexplained bleeding or hemorrhage. of the other key risk factors, travel within the last 21 days to a country with an ebola outbreak. liberia, sierra leone or begin knee or contact with a patient suspected of having the virus. to put perspective on this, these are the first possible cases in d.c., but other cities across the country have dealt with this. the cdc says it has looked into 100 possible cases of ebola between july 27 and wednesday of this week. of those 100, just 15 have warranted testing because they met the profile and the symptoms were consistent. and of those 15 who tested, just 1 tested positive for the ebola virus. that would be the guy in dallas. keep in mind, and we can't say this enough. ebola is not airborne. you cannot catch it in an airborne manner.
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you can only get it by coming into close contact with an infected person's bodily fluids. blood and urine included. no symptoms, the person is not contagious. jim? pat? >> doreen, thank you. and stay with us on-air for all the latest developments on the ebola outbreak and potential threat here in the u.s. and remember, you can get updates any time on well, rain is set to move in, folks, and some spots will have wind chills near freezing. i said it. freezing over the weekend. >> ooh. storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson is here to explain when the big chill moves in. >> the big chill second half of the weekend. so you get some time to get your clothes together. the long sleeves, the warm clothes. right now, though, an umbrella you're going oh to need if you step out. let me show where the rain is. this is the rain we have been talking about all week long, and what i like is the fact that it has been overcast today. not seeing thunderstorms. but look at that line. it's off of i-81 right now. where it has been wet.
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winchest winchester, areas throughout virginia from frederick county to rappahannock. getting rain right now. not seeing any lightning. but still could see an isolated storm or two during the overnight period. and it's just that. mostly overnight rain. as we get into the day tomorrow, it's going to be breezy and cool. and as we get into the second half of the weekend, it's going to be down right brisk. november type temperatures coming our way. i'll show how low it's going to go, and we'll talk about more on this rain, just how much we're going to get. that's all in a few minutes. >> thanks, veronica. now to a story you'll see only on news4. a major construction project is going to dramatically impact riders on metro's red line. the grovener medical center in bethesda metro stations will be closed for several weekends, so that crews can fix serious problems with water at those sites. transportation reporter adam tuss joins us live from bethesda to explain why metro has to take such a drastic step and when. adam. >> reporter: that's right, pat.
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these stations are going to be shut down for seven consecutive weekends, because of what metro is calling an unmanageable problem. the view under the medical center station, not pretty. on a sunny day, water, mud, dirt, debris, constantly seeping down from the rock here, which has too many fractures to count. metro is trying to patch it up, but it's become too much. the result, all of the important infrastructure on the ground is getting corroded and worn out constantly, costing metro 3 million bucks a year just to keep fixing this section of the system. >> we're spending a significant amount of money, time and effort, which we would much rather put somewhere else. >> reporter: so now metro has called in engineering and transportation experts from all over the world to come up with this, a plan to stop the leaks. deputy general manager and rail chief, rob troop, sat down with news4 to explain it all. >> what we'll be doing is we'll be putting in basically -- it's like a false roof where we'll be
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able to come in with these precast panels. precast panels will interlock. >> reporter: one by one, those precast concrete panels will be lifted into place, a slow and tedious process. the reach w reason will metro will have to close for seven consecutive weekends. that work will happen in 2016, but metro has to get ready for the work right now, which means some closures up until that point. >> what we're doing is trying to really get, you know, to red line to where it's rehabbed correctly. >> reporter: but it could have been worse as news4 first reported, metro was considering closing this section of the red line for six straight weeks. metro says the new plan will minimize the impact. okay. so the shutdown plans are coming together. but metro actually has much bigger plans for these three stations while the closures are in place. hear about that next hour at 6:00. reporting live at medical center, adam tuss, news4. a grand jury connected to the lyon sisters cold case convened for its first day in
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bedford county, virginia today. their task is to gather testimony and evidence connected to the disappearance of sheila and catherine lyon. prosecutors say if witnesses don't cooperate, the grand jury can hold them in contempt. for the past month, police have been searching property in southern virginia. it's owned by the family of two men, richard and lloyd lee welch, both considered persons of interest in the case. breaking news now from overseas. another beheading. scott macfarlane is at our live desk with details. >> the terror group isis released a new video purporting to show the execution of a british aide worker. alan henning was taking medical supplies to northern syria last december when he was abducted by a gunman. in a video last month showing another execution, terrorists warned henning would be next. we're still waiting to hear from the u.s. and british governments. we'll update you as information becomes available. new vandalism starting
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hindus. what's being done in one virginia community now that's in the middle of a hate crime investigation. and we it continue to follow developments in the ebola outbreak. we have a crew at shady grove hospital as we gather new details, we'll have a live report.
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thing is...our crazy tax code actually rewards companies... for shipping them overseas. it's wrong and i'm fighting to fix it. i'm mark warner...i brought republicans and democrats... together on a bill that gives incentives to companies that... bring high tech and manufacturing jobs to virgina. because instead of outsourcing jobs to china...we should be... insourcing them here for our people...and thats why i... approved this message.
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a busy afternoon on capitol hill turned into a frightening crime scene a year ago today. a woman with a 1-year-old inside her car led police on a chase
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across capitol hill that would ultimately end in her death. today her family returned to d.c. to remember her, and look for answers. kristin wright joins us now in the studio with more on the story. kristin? >> that's right, jim. one year ago, miriam carey drove from connecticut to washington and tragedy unfolded. today her family rode to d.c. to make a silent statement. >> reporter: miriam carey's mother steps off a bus from new york. her first moments at the pla where her daughter was shot and killed by police one year ago today. idela carey and other relatives and supporters stood at the foot of the u.s. capitol holding signs and pictures in silent protest. october 3rd, 2013, miriam carey drove into a security check point at the perimeter of the white house grounds. she hit a secret service officer with her car and sped toward the capitol. police and secret service stopped her at the foot of the
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building. they approached her car. carey reversed, hit a patrol car and took off. police and secret service fired nine shots. kari was shot five times. her 13-month old daughter was in the back seat unharmed. the officers were cleared. supporters with the family today point to recent security breaches at the white house, where nonlethal means of force were used. >> i've maintained that this sister here offered no clear and present danger to that police officer was she obliged to go the opposite direction. >> reporter: the family released butterflies and was moved by one that wouldn't fly away. >> you know what that means, right? keep on fighting until we find out what happened to her. >> reporter: carey's family filed a $75 million wrongful death lawsuit against capitol police and the secret service. today despite the protest being
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a very public display, the family's attorney was insistent they not speak with us. >> thanks, kristin. an update on a story you saw first on news4. a 19 world rookie is among the d.c. firefighters honored for saving a woman from a burning home. today amir johnson was awarded the medal of valor. the rescue happened in july on blaine street northeast. nellie jones was asleep in her bed at the time and couldn't walk on her own. at today's ceremony, her son praised the bravery of the young rookie firefighter. >> you know, sometimes it takes years, but this gentleman right here, he went in, and he did what needed to be done. he rescued my mother. that makes him 100% in my book. so i just would like to thank him again and say if it wasn't for you, mom wouldn't have been here. thank you. >> and the woman is now back in her home. >> great story.
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all right, veronica. we could see some wet roads. how soon tonight? >> well, as soon as about 8:00 or 9:00 across the greater part of the area. wet roads, yes, but shouldn't be too sloppy ask. yes, we're going to dry out rather quickly tomorrow as the winds pick up is and that's the wind that's really going to help to chill us down. take a look at storm team 4 radar. you can see the green there, the blue of the that's the rain. and right now i'm not seeing anything too heavy. i'm not seeing any lightning. this i a much weaker system than it was days ago when it produced severe weather across areas of texas and up into illinois around chicago with airport delays. let's zoom in. hagerstown to la ray where the wet weather is now. showers moving through. sloppy at i-81 and the western part of 66, all this headed east to areas like blue mont, warrenton, leesburg. you've got the shower activity coming up. and yes, too, eventually it's going to hit into d.c. could be before the game ends but i think light showers it will be. so here we are, folks. there has not been much severe weather across areas of ohio,
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kentucky. but this is the same front that brought all those reports of heavy rain and high winds right down to texas. i like that it's a weaker system. rain does continue, though, for the overnight. 73 your temperature right now. yes, it's cloudy and overcast. some light showers. i showed you coming off i-81. we got that chance at 7:00 and more rain at 9:00 and even more rain coming our way at 11:00 p.m. that rain moves out of here by early tomorrow morning. here's what's going to happen. your future weather. there it is at 6:00. here we are at 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 and at 2:00 a.m., still wet weather across the area. so maybe some isolated thunder. there could be a few locations that get that moderate rain where it comes down a quarter inch per hour. for the most part, nothing too heavy for us. 7:00 a.m. >> there is the line right now hitting areas of i-95 and moving east. and then we're going to clear out quickly. the winds will start picking up. could have a few clouds filling back in for the afternoon. tomorrow afternoon, a partly sunny, chilly day indeed. going out this evening, though, big umbrella or, well, just
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small umbrella. think you're going to have to go for the regular size umbrella. nothing too crazy or heavy coming our way for the overnight. check out the high temperatures tomorrow. today we topped out in the low to mid 70s. tomorrow, 66. that's it for a high temperature. mt. frederick, just 62. 63 in leesburg. that's for a high temperature tomorrow. so the afternoon we're cool. again, the showers move -- that's for -- that was for today. but the showers will be moving out of here, and what we're going to see come our way on sunday morning, 46 degree temperature. that's a low temperature starting out in d.c. 37 winchester starting out. frederick start south at 39 degrees. 38 for your start early sunday morning. and with any wind left over, you know what, guys, we're talking about wind chills that could be for maybe one, two, three hours or so right around the freezing mark. so feeling a lot like early november sunday morning. next week, we start to bounce back. but right now it looks as though this weekend, hello fall. and in just a couple minutes
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when i return, how will the weather impact getting outdoors, your activities? i'll tell you in just a few. thanks, veronica. a private college in virginia hit with a lawsuit today claiming it didn't do enough to protect up with of its students from an alleged sexual assault. the news4 i-team got a copy of the complaint. scott macfarlane here with more. >> the alleged victim is named jane doe, a freshman at virginia wesley college in 2012. according to the complaint, she was sexually assaulted by an upper classman lacrosse player after they both attended an on-campus party. according to the suit, the victim was given a spiked drink at the party and later assaulted at the lacrosse player's dorm. court records say campus security saw underage drinking at the party and did nothing to stop it and that two college employees, a nurse and counselor, didn't advise the victim to report the assault to police or the school. the lawsuit says the alleged attacker was eventually expelled after a campus hearing confirmed the assault. but that he was then allowed to
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withdraw from the college. the attorney for the victim tells the news4 i-team no criminal charges were ever filed. the college spokesperson e-mailed us today, saying while we sympathize with jane doe, the college denies any allegation of improper conduct, and will vigorously defend this lawsuit. the safety of our students, the statement says, is of paramount importance and something we strive to accomplish on a daily basis. scott macfarlane, news4 i-team. new fallout tonight in the scandal that rocked the virginia senate back in june. now there are new allegations that a governor's aide may have also been involved. democrat senator phillip puckett resigned amid accusations that republicans offered jobs to him and his daughter to entice him to leave the general assembly. his resignation flipped ctrol of the senate to republicans, according to the "washington post," governor terry mcauliffe's chief of staff tried a similar over tour to get puckett to stay.
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in a voice mail, that aide suggests puckett's daughter could be eligible for a top state job in puckett remains in office. mcauliffe spokesman says tonight the governor's chief of staff acted on his own. and a reminder about our coverage of the virginia u.s. senate race. republican ed gillespie and incumbent democrat senator mark warner go head-to-head in a debate hosted by news4 and the fairfax county chamber of commerce. "meet the press" moderator chuck todd will moderate the debate. we'll have live coverage here on and we'll be broadcasting live on news4 at 4:00 from that location. >> you'll be down there. a maryland community on edge after two teens were groped. find out what neighbors want done now to keep kids safe. a bizarre scene involving a ride-on bus. we'll explain why a key tool could help explain what happened wasn't working. and postseason baseball off to a thrilling start up in
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baltimore. we're right back after this short break. in cases of rape and incest, just like the right-wing republicans in congress. they want to overturn roe v. wade. so does she. "i think roe v. wade should be overturned." barbara comstock even voted with right-wing republicans to require women seeking an abortion to undergo transvaginal ultrasounds.
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that's all i need to know. i'm john foust and i approve this messge.
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♪ welcome back to news4 at 5:00. i'm dianna russini. nats park sold out now as the nationals are playing in game one of the nlds. they're in the sixth inning right now, down 2-0 to the giants.
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meanwhile, up you at camden yards, orioles fans out early to cheer on their birds in game two. bottom eight here, birds down 6-4. delmon young pinch hitting with the bases loaded. young smacks this one to left all the way to the wall it goes. two runs come in to score easily. here comes the relay. jj hardy here, and at the plate, he is safe. hardy beats the tag. orioles take the lead. eight runs last night in the eighth and four more in the eighth. today it's 7-6 over the tigers. now with a commanding 2-0 series lead. our carol maloney is at camden yards. >> reporter: if you are hearing reports of an earthquake out in baltimore today, do not worry. it was just the birds' eighth inning rally. another thrilling victory, game two. this time a come-from-behind win, charm city cooking up
5:26 pm
oriole magic once again. >> we did it yesterday and all year against teams in our division. so any time we have an opportunity and we get guys on. >> he's unbelievable. we call him bruce lee. it seems like every time we need a clinch hit he comes up and delivers. he's amazing. >> reporter: now the series moves to detroit. the birds up two games to none. and they need just one more win to advance to the alcs. at camden yards, carol maloney, news4 sports. a big day of baseball. our jason pugh is at nats park right now, and he will have the results and the latest from the clubhouse coming up at 6:00 in sports. guys, back to you. >> thanks. send your nats pics to us on twitter and instagram. add the hash tag natspics with an x and follow nbc washington on twitter and facebook to keep up with our playoff beards. right now at 5:00, new concerns about the ebola
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outbreak. >> shady grove at venice hospital taking precautions tonight. we'll explain why they are closely watching a parent in montgomery county. a live report is next. plus, is one of the busiest roads in northern virginia. now some new changes are going to make it easier for drivers to get around. and vandals targeting hindus. we'll go live to one community battling hate crimes.
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right now at 5:30, teens
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groped. the manhunt continues. >> everybody is hookilooking an trying to figure out where is he going to attack next. >> neighbors say they know what would help keep kids safe. the incredible story of the journey home for a local world war ii veteran. and how did this happen? a bus crashed tail-up. we'll tell you what we found out after we asked about the cameras on this ride-on bus. first we are following the latest developments on the u.s. response to ebola. the white house says the united states is leading a coordinated response to the virus, both here at home and abroad. health care officials in texas are making progress, tracking down people who had contact with the only confirmed ebola patient in this country. there are no confirmed cases in our area. but two local hospitals are monitoring patients with symptoms that may be consistent with ebola. they are howard university hospital here in washington and
5:31 pm
shady grove add van activity hospital in montgomery county. >> both emphasize tonight, they are just being cautious and not taking any chances. news4's jackie bensen just arrived at shady grove hospital. what are you hearing there, jackie? >> reporter: jim, abundance of caution. that's a term we're going to hear a lot over the next few days as this situation goes forward in the united states. what's going on here at shady grove shows the public health safety net is working here in montgomery county. now a short time ago, we received a statement from shady grove add van 'tis that says within the past 24 hours, we received a patient that presented with flu-like symptoms and a travel history that matches criteria for possible ebola. our care team implemented guidelines established by the cdc. the patient remains in isolation and is showing signs of improvement. at this time, lab results indicate this patient has another illness, and we do not have a confirmed case of ebola.
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and, again, what we're told here in montgomery county is that if they do receive a positive test, that is the only notification, formal notification we'll get. as you talked about throughout the newscast, there have been many possible cases, but the actual number of tested cases few, and the actual confirmed cases even less than that one in texas at this point. live in rockville, jackie bensen, news4. a series of hate crimes has a northern virginia community on edge now. >> a string of vandalism includes anti hindu graffiti. at least 16 cases so far in the brambleton community. mark segraves live in ashburn where neighbors are coming together tonight looking for answers. mark? >> reporter: that's right, jim. they're going to meet here at this elementary school right behind me later on this evening to meet with law enforcement officials to try to get some answers about these hate crimes. earlier today, the loudoun
5:33 pm
county sheriff told me he's throwing every resource he can at this problem. you may recall, it was more than a week ago news4 first reported about this hate graffiti and since then there have been several more cases. >> we have had 16 that have been reported so far. we have had six of those in just the last couple days. >> reporter: the most recent cases were reported yesterday. >> everybody is concerned this might escalate to something more than just the -- the issue itself. >> reporter: all of the cases have occurred in the brambleton neighborhood along this popular neighborhood trail. in just about every case, someone used a magic marker to write the phrase "no hindus." all but one of the incidents involved public property like street signs and trash cans. but in one case, a home was targeted. >> it's offensive. we've got a very changing community here and it's a very, you know, different culture in community. and it's disturbing to see there
5:34 pm
is not a tolerance for that. for the changing cultures and dynamics of this community. >> i think it's sickening, and i think it's disgusting. i think whoever is doing this should be caught and prosecuted. i really do. because, you know, this -- america, this is the land of the free. >> reporter: now the community meeting starts at 7:30 here at crayton's corner elementary school. law enforcement will be here, as well as elected officials and people from the faith community will also be here hoping to ease people's concerns. coming up at 6:00, why this just isn't a concern for local law enforcement. we're live in ashburn, virginia. mark segraves, news4. today the public testified about two bills before the d.c. city council that would criminalize what's known as revenge porn. both bills would put a person behind bars for five years for distributing sexually explicit photos or videos taken for private use during a romantic relationship. the majority of speakers favored the bills. others have concerns that any
5:35 pm
laws should be balance freedoms of expression. the district is not alone. in the past two years, 13 states, including maryland and virginia, have passed laws addressing revenge porn. police hope a sketch will lead them to a man who groped two teenage girls around the time they would be walking to school. take a good look at the man police are looking for here. news4's ma let green has reaction from the laurel neighborhood where these attacks occurred. >> reporter: on the lookout for a sexual assault suspect. neighbors in this laurel community of single family homes and apartments are on edge. >> everybody is looking, trying to figure out, you know, where is he, is he going to attack next. >> reporter: rebecca payton has seen more police patrols in the area, and now they have a sketch of a suspect police say attacked two young teens walking along breyer cross lane late last month. >> i make sure she walks with a
5:36 pm
group of garls. so yeah i would like for them to catch them. >> i worry. >> reporter: in separate assaults on the same morning, the girls told police, they were walking along the road toward eisenhower middle school when a man came up to them, touched them and ran away. >> it is very dangerous. >> reporter: this long-time resident is talking about the wooded area next to his house. he says school children use it as a cut-through. >> the area is still attackable. and they have been trying to stop them coming through this path, because there is nothing but woods and a bridge. >> reporter: prince george's police spent hours in this chunt talking with the people who live here, asking if there are more possible victims. and they used this flier as they went door to door asking residents for help to catch this guy before he attacks again. in laurel, molette green, news4.
5:37 pm
tonight family and friends will pray for a 15-year-old who is still in a coma after a fight outside of six flags america. the freshman at due value high school has been in serious condition since saturday. that prayer vigil begins in a couple he will hours. prince george's police are investigating. this week we learned the teen had been banned from six flags before saturday's incident. a collision on a football field, and in an instant, a 16-year-old was dead. we'll explain how this could happen, and how one school community is dealing with this loss. plus another security breach. this time a bank is attacked. consumer reporter erika gonzales joins us to explain who is at risk. we've got some rain coming into the area right now. but behind that rain, a real taste of fall that will have you probably grabbing your warmest jacket, your warmest wear. i'll show you how those
5:38 pm
temperatures might impact your weekend plans outdoors. all next.
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good evening, everyone, i'm erika gonzales. new information about the jpmorgan chase breach. we brought this to your attention in july. now we know 76 million households and 7 million small businesses are involved.
5:41 pm
so what is exactly at risk? i spoke with the company earlier today, and i'm told this has nothing to do with financial information. no fraudulent charges. however, names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers have, in fact, been compromised. the company says it's identified how access was gained and says it does not believe hackers are still in the system. do you change your password? because account numbers were not included in the breach, the company is not advising people to change their passwords. they have also posted a notice on another round of recalls for gm. today this one makes 71 for this year. today's spotlight, though, is on more than half a million cars suvs. pulling more than 30,000 cadillacs, 2010 through 2015 and saab 94-xsuvs, 2011 and 2012
5:42 pm
models. potential latch and loose part issues could cause the vehicle to wander at highway speed. and if it separates, increasing the risk of a crash. gm says it's aware of three crashes and two injuries as a result of that issue. the auto giant also recalled more than 93,000 chevrolet spark cars. the issue here, the car's hood latch striker can stick and potentially cause the hood to open when you're driving. no reports, though, of injuries here in the u.s. with this particular recall. if you've got a story idea for the consumer watch team, we would love to hear from you. send us an e-mail to consumer or phone 202-885-4884. erika, thanks. montgomery county police tonight are still trying to find the cause of this serious accident in rockville involving a ride-on bus. this happened around midnight on mid county highway at shady grove road.
5:43 pm
the ridan bus went into the woods. two people were taken to the hospital and are expected to be okay. it's a smoother ride tonight if you drive in fairfax city. the bridge replacement are finished. traffic into and out of the heart of the city won't have to detour any longer. the former bridge was 87 years old. the new bridge has a safer design, and will include a pedestrian bridge. new sidewalks and multipurpose trails that are also part of the project are not yet finished. there's no disputindisputins a legend but the controversial death of lynn bias may have kept him out of the school of fame. why that is about to change. >> 70 years after dying in combat, the remains of a fallen soldier brought back home. i'm at quantico national cemetery.
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70 years after he died, his remains thought to be lost after a battle in world war ii. it wasn't until a japanese woman made an emotional find and traveled thousands of miles to return the fallen soldier to his family. northern virginia reporter david culver has the story now from here at quantico national cemetery. >> today is the day of a lot of mixed emotions. but there is closure. >> reporter: sergeant richard beam's family never expected this moment to happen.
5:47 pm
>> all we knew was, you know, he was missing in action. >> reporter: his nephew, who shares his name, later learned the 24-year-old army soldier died in world war ii on the island of saipan. july 7th, 1944. >> it was shocking but a good shocking. >> reporter: last year he got word researchers may have discovered his uncle's remains. >> when they uncovered the bones, his dog tags were behind the bones. >> reporter: richard and sister rosie's dna confirmed it. >> was thrilled to death. i thought about my grandmother, how thrilled she would be. and i'm hoping she's up there knowing and maybe they're together now. that he is back home. ♪ >> reporter: for seven decades, he was buried on foreign soil. sergeant beam now back home. his family wanted him laid to rest in the u.s. right here at quantico national cemetery. full military honors.
5:48 pm
♪ a gathering of fellow veterans who didn't even know sergeant beam but wanted to pay their respects. ♪ and at last, a folded flag gently handed to sergeant beam's youngest brother. the emotion still raw after all this time. >> 70 years later, bringing him back home. where he belongs. >> reporter: at quantico national cemetery, i'm david culver, news4. today president obama shared some of the wisdom he's gained in more than two decades of marriage. during a town hall at a steel company in indiana, a worker wished the president a happy wedding anniversary. >> hello, everybody! 22 years she has been putting up with me. the -- a young man, friend of mine, just got married.
5:49 pm
and i told the bride, wonderful young lady. i said, it takes about ten years to train a man properly. so you've got to be patient with him. you know, because he'll screw up a bunch. but eventually we learn. it takes us longer. we're not as smart. michelle has been very patient with me. >> the first couple got married october 3rd, 1992. >> well, let's get the word on the forecast now. veronica johnson is in the storm center with word of those cooler temperatures coming just in time for the weekend. >> that's right. but first we've got to get through the rain. and we've got some areas right now, neighborhoods that are wet. going out this evening, you're going to find yourself going in and out of the showers and look at the overcast sky all day long. that low cloud deck, gray friday. but still lots of energy with all the games going on around the area. look at the showers here in the areas of blue and green, just off to our west.
5:50 pm
now if you zoom in, you can see around winchester, areas of blue mont, front royal, washington county. that's where the rain is. i've tracked it east so it's about an hour and a half away by 7:00, certainly 7:30. i think we'll start to see some showers around herndon and fairfax and d.c. but nothing too heavy. so walking the dog, starting at 7:00 here, folks, it is going to be wet. it will -- it's a short walk that you'll want to do. 70 degrees by 8:00. the temperatures will not be an issue. the wind will not be an issue. but who wants to walk the dog in the rain, right? all right. let me take you through the sky conditions here. we start with the overnight period. this is 7:00. again, cloudy right now. we've got low clouds around midnight, yes, it is going to be wet. showers continue. in fact, there could be a few isolated locations that see some moderate rain. but look at the sky cast 4, 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. sunshine around here and during the afternoon a few clouds filling back in, giving us a partly sunny day. so the forecast, how will that
5:51 pm
impact your day? the leaves will be blowing around. yes, there are some leaves on the ground already. in fact, in the lowest lying ars seeing color. windy conditions for saturday. for sunday, a cold start and a chilly day coming our way. so either way you stack it, get ready to get the longer sleeves ready. we're going to see temperatures bounce back. look at the chills early sunday morning. 36 frederick, mt. airy, 37 degrees and leesburg. culpeper feeling like 38 degrees. your four-day forecast. we hit that 74 high. monday, 76. close to 80 degrees. so it's just the weekend right now that we get that real taste of fall. guys? >> veronica, thanks. decades after his death, lynn bias still holds some school records. and tonight, maryland athletics will induct him in a ceremony at the university of maryland.
5:52 pm
he finished his basketball career in the '80s as maryland's all-time leader in more than a dozen categories, including points. lynn bias died from a cocaine overdose just two days after he was drafted by the celtics in 1986. the switch to the big ten is supposed to mean big bucks for the university of maryland. but it has also ignited excitement in college park, as some college football -- some of college football's biggest teams come to town. and that may be a big boost to local businesses. news4's zachary kiesch has that story from college park. >> it's very interesting to go to different cities and different towns. see how the fans react and what kind of reception they receive. >> reporter: he drove in thursday from columbus for the big game against ohio state on saturday. it's a hot ticket. the ripple effect of joining the big ten conference is being felt beyond bird stadium. saturday's game will be the first sellout since 2008. and if you're still looking for
5:53 pm
reservations here at the marriott hotel in college park, it's not looking good. mike mccarthy is the general manager. >> this weekend you're out of luck. we are sold out as we are for the remaining three or four big ten home games. >> reporter: the excitement is already building on campus. they've got their eye on ohio state and anyone else in their path. >> wisconsin and michigan state are going to -- not as good as it used to be. >> reporter: all the buildup raises the question, is maryland's move from the atlantic coast conference to the big ten impacting the local economy? michael steveter oversees development for college park. >> the entire city is excited about it. if we meet with our merchant groups once a month. we have seen an impact so far. >> reporter: while rivalries are being forged, it appears new business opportunities are being seized. in the process of building this 283 unit apartment complex on baltimore avenue told the washington business journal nags
5:54 pm
national attention brings the community. no question. back on the gridiron, the impact is clear. season ticket sales are up 25% this year over last. as for ben, one thing is for sure, this is a statement game. >> maryland is coming in the big ten and ohio state playing maryland for the shirt. >> reporter: reporting in prince george's county, zachary kiesch, news4. basketball star kevin durant appears to be paying tribute to his roots. in his upcoming kd-7 sneakers with nike. sneak previews have popped up online showing a close-up of the new shoe. included, a map marking some landmarks in prince george's county where durant grew up. among the streets, addison and walker mill road. no word yet on a possible release date. it's being called a freak accident. a teenager dies after a collision on the football field. we'll take you back to the field where friends and family remembered a player who had a
5:55 pm
big heart.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
hundreds gather to remember a high school football player who died after a freak accident on the field. that player collided with another player and collapsed earlier this week. greg serge has the story. >> reporter: they couldn't hide
5:58 pm
the pain. they left class early to mourn a 16-year-old described as a great kid. one teen tweeted, it broke my heart to see the amount of people crying in the hallways. >> i've never walked into school and it's been so silent. >> this was just a tragedy. just a damn tragedy. >> reporter: geraldine watched as he watched during the game at john glenn high school. the jr. linebacker died later in the hospital. the exact reason for his death is still unclear. >> i think it was the result of a typical football play. it was just a freak accident. >> reporter: a freak accident that sent a community into mourning. some classmates tweeted this photo with the player's name and number written on their arms. >> it's just not enough words to describe the type of kid that this community lost. >> reporter: assistant high school coach hanz whitacre says this loss is hard to explain but
5:59 pm
insisted football is not to b m blame for the tragedy. >> my own son plays for the team and i have no problem having him play on a team. >> now, part of the school district's investigation into the player's death will include examining the equipment kids are using. >> for now, it's unclear if the team will continue with the rest of its season. news4 at 6:00 begins with breaking news. two people at local hospitals are being monitored in isolation tonight after showing symptoms consistent with ebola. but tonight, there are still no confirmed local cases. all this comes amid new fears about the deadly virus and nbc news freelance photographer tested positive and will be airlifted out of liberia. the first patient diagnosed in the united states continues to fight for his life in dallas and nearly 4,000 american troops could be deployed to west africa to try to stop the virus from
6:00 pm
spreading. tonight, the ebola scare continues to widen. >> that's right. we have a team of reporters working every angle of this story. let's start with news4's derrick ward live from howard university hospital. derrick? >> reporter: well, by all outward appearances, things are just normal here at howard university hospital. but it's anything but. deep within the facility, there are special protocols under way because they have a patient who showed some signs of ebola. it's not a case of ebola, a case of ebola has not been verified but they are want to go error on the side of precaution. a patient is showing what they are calling ebola-like symptoms and traveled recently to nigeria being watched closely. no indication that the patient has ebola or has been exposed. the patient has been kept in quarantine as an abundance of caution and are following


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